Commitment And Dedication

Our personal injury lawyers work on the idea of commitment and dedication. When you contact us and talk with our lawyers, you will yourself find out what makes us different.

Working For Your Needs

Our personal injury lawyers listen carefully to your requirements and work with you to attain a positive outcome of your personal injury case.

Aggressive Advocates

Our personal injury attorneys are aggressive lawyers for victims who are suffering due to others negligence. Every lawyer in our law firm is here to assist you to find relief.

Proven Track Record

Our personal injury lawyers have a record of success in offering great results. With in-depth understanding, loyalty and commitment, we can attain your desired goals.


Not all Personal Injury lawyers and law firms tend to be the same. So, the law firm which you employ for your Personal injury claims will probably determine the result that is achieved for your personal injury case. It is imperative that the law firm you use has proven success track record and extensive experience, both at negotiating table and inside court room.
Personal Injury Lawyer Long Island NY are one among the most respected and experienced personal injury firms in the Long Island, who act for its clients. Our Personal Injury Lawyer Long Island NY law firm has been dealing with the most complicated catastrophic, spinal cord, brain, and severe orthopedic injury cases since years. Our law firm has attained an exceptional reputation for brilliance in acting for our clients with catastrophic spinal cord and brain injuries and has attained model setting jury verdicts in the area of psychiatric malpractice law.
Personal Services
Unlike other Personal Injury law firms, where the cases often are handled by secretaries, case managers and licensed paralegals, only our Personal Injury Attorney Long Island NY with a combined experience of years, will deal with your personal injury case with the assistance of our experienced support team. All our Personal Injury Attorney Long Island NY generally represent the most badly injured accident victims only, which lets us offer the highest level of attention and personal service you as well as your family deserves.
Our experienced team of Personal Injury Attorney Long Island has the access to top medical practitioners, physiotherapists, rehabilitation case managers, occupational therapists, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, and many more health care practitioners. Our Long Island Personal Injury Attorney law firm will take complete care of everything managerially, in order that you can focus on what is most important for you – your well being and your recovery.
Free Consultation Without Obligation
Our Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer offer all possible clients a free, no-obligation consultation to evaluate the actual facts of their personal injury case, in order that we may recommend you of all your legal options available. Unlike other law firms, all the consultations will be kept with an experienced and skilled Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer. If you’re incapable to meet with our Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer at our office, then we will come and meet you at the hospital, rehabilitation facility or your home. Such a high level of personal care and attention is an instance of how we deal with all our serious personal injuries claims.

Know your rights after suffering personal injury

We are here to guide you on the legal options that are available for you in your personal injury matter.

All our Long Island Personal Injury Attorneys receive most referrals from other lawyers and past clients. For the past many years, we’ve been capable to recover millions for the personal injury accident victims, who had suffered serious personal injury or the catastrophic loss of your family member as we understand the insurance companies defense approaches and we are ready to take your own case to trial always, if necessary. Our Lawyers now how disastrous life alteration injuries from catastrophic accidents affect the victims as well as their families financially, mentally and physically.
Our Commitment To Complete Care
Our crew of Personal Injury Lawyer Long Island has wide experience in all the aspects of claims solution. We’ll be there to direct you and make sure that you get the support service you and your whole family requires. We will make every possible effort always to resolve your claim through forms of optional dispute resolution such as mediation. But, if that isn’t possible, you’ll have the advantage of our Long Island Personal Injury Attorneys years of experience and knowledge in taking your personal injury case to trial.

Moreover,our Personal Injury Attorney Long Island Law Practice Includes:

-Slip and Fall Claim
-Motor Vehicle Accident Claim
-Traumatic Brain Injury Claim
-Spinal Cord Injury Claim
-Wrongful Death Claim
-Chronic Pain Claim
-Long Term Disability Claim
-Medical Malpractice Claim
-Other Negligence Claims

No Fees Until You Win

We work on a contingency fees basis. You will pay us only when we win your case.

Free Case Evaluation

Our lawyers offer a completely free case consultation to every client that comes to us.

Skilled Lawyers

All our lawyers have excellent negotiations, trial, and litigation skills, needed to win your case.